supplied by Gary Denniss

At the time of the municipal elections in 1958, the ratepayers of Macaulay Township recorded their approval for a new central school building.  Construction on the original four classrooms began on May 12, 1959.  Macaulay Public School was first used for classes on October 19, 1959.  The teaching staff at that time consisted of Wimund Kirk (Principal), Esther Garrett, Lois Scott and Annie Watson.  Mr. Fred Hammell was the Inspector of Public Schools for the area.

On April 27, 1960, the Minister of Education, the Honourable John P. Robarts, officially declared the new school open on behalf of the trustees who, at the time, were Charles Ruttan (Chairman), Ethel Leeder, May Sterritt, Gordon Medley, Irene Taylor and Annie Bruce (secretary-treasurer).  It is interesting to note that for the year 1959, the total education budget for Macaulay Township was $31 160 – and that included a surplus of $5275!

When the Muskoka Board of Education came into being in 1969, Macaulay Public School was in the midst of its first expansion that included a kindergarten room.  Kindergarten instruction began in 1966 across the road in the former cement block school with Ruth Taylor as the teacher.

The most substantial change came in 1977-78 when the appearance of the whole school was dramatically altered with the addition of a gym, a library, five classrooms and special program and administration areas.  Portables have been utilized since 1975 to provide additional instructional areas.

The principals of Macaulay Public School have been Wimund Kirk, Tom Reilly, Bob Houston, Murray Kelly, Dave Mahon, Bob (Robert) Harris, Bruce Reain, Don Allison, Rob Dennys, and Ross Jewiss.

Macaulay Public School has been part of the Trillium Lakelands District School Board since 1998.